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Dr. Gigi Burke is the Founder of Feel Good First LLC, a Wellbeing Strategist & Coach, Author, Speaker, and Space Exploration Enthusiast.

She supports and guides Black and Brown women entrepreneurs, who desire to succeed without the unnecessary stress and strain. Shift from sacrificing and struggling to enjoyment and ease in building, growing, sustaining or making pivots in their business.

She is an award-winning speaker who aims to inspire women and members of historically excluded groups to unconditionally feel good and enjoy their journey of entrepreneurship. She talks about the things needed to have a strong and supple foundation of wellbeing, no matter where you are on your journey.

She has appeared on podcasts, presents at conferences, and leads workshops and retreats for groups and organizations. She continuously seeks creative ways to invite audiences to connect with and channel their emotions and feelings. And is just as comfortable speaking virtually as she is on stage.

One of her superpowers is seamlessly integrating concepts that appear, on the surface, to be disparate and dull concepts into palatable and practical tips and techniques. Coupled with her quirks and sense of humor audiences are treated to a full on edutaining experience.

Gigi has worked behind the scenes of conferences, job fairs, executive training, and retreats. She intimately understands the ins and outs of producing high quality events that will leave your audiences feeling refreshed and/or reinvigorated. She will do her part to make your event one for the history books.  

Here's Her Signature Talks

Success Redefined!
For our entire lives, Black and Brown women have adhered to a certain model of what it means to be successful, but what has it really gotten us? There are two  philosophies that have driven all that you do to be and achieve success. Gigi discusses why it's important to know what these are and how they are impacting you. She also invites you to question how you can start redefining and cultivating success as an entrepreneur, no matter where you are in your journey. 

Feel Free To Feel
It’s no secret. Feelings and how we navigate them is critical to being happy, resilient, focused, and successful in making your wildest dreams and deepest desires come true. Here's the challenge? How do you feel the full range of your emotions and understand your emotional experiences and be at ease with it? What’s needed is a total shift around learning how to sense, engage, and express emotions. And that’s what Gigi brings you in this forward-feeling talk.   

Gigi can customized her talks based on your needs and wants. 
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What Organizers and Attendees are Saying

"Dr. Burke, thank you so much for your insights and excellent presentation! We learned a great deal from you about why we need to take care of ourselves."

Kelly Mannel, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Emotional Intelligence Expert     

"Thank you for presenting and sharing your insights. You were great!" 

Isabel Graf, PhD Insights2Talent

"THANK YOU for acting as a guest speaker at the EWB-Atlanta Chapter meeting. I greatly enjoyed your presentation and teaching style." 

Cherona Levy, Environmental Engineer & Educator

"I was most struck by the biological and physiological intelligence and explanations in your presentation. I was fascinated by how much you knew and communicated. The reality of the information you presented is helpful to me as I try and help others be more emotionally intelligent too many people that grew up thinking that emotions have no place in the working world."     

Rob Stevens, Leadership for Now Beloit College

Past Speaking Appearances

Bold Voices Podcast: How to Overcome Fear With Business and New Opportunities 
First Annual EQ With A Difference International Conference
The Brilliance Interview Series with Li-Min Huang Mastering
The Sales Game Podcast with Susan McVea
Spark Your Vision Experience with Adele Wang
Life Lessons Over Lunch Career Networking Group
Society of Emotional Intelligence Annual Conference
The Dr. Hank Show On Blog Talk Radio Podcast
Engineers Without Boarders- Atlanta Professional Chapter Southeast Regional Engineers Without Boarders Conference
Association for Talent Development-Atlanta Chapter, Career Development Special Interest Group