Wellbeing Strategist

Helping Black & Brown Women Prioritize 

 Embracing and Enjoying Their Entrepreneurship Journey!!!

Succeeding in your business sans the unnecessary stress, hustle and "hard" work starts when you Choose From Feeling Good.


Entrepreneurship is 100% about your wellbeing.

It is a way to do what you love, live a life that you love, and make an impact. You have a rich history of entrepreneurship and native gift for it.  You've also internalized myths, misconceptions and messages that have taken a toll on your wellbeing and ability to truly succeed.

The primary one being that you have to sacrifice and suffer to succeed, causing you to experience unnecessary stress, struggle, and strain. 

You have been led to believe that feeling good (i.e. wellbeing) is a luxury that only those who've achieved certain financial and other markers of success can afford to experience.

The most pervasive is that wellbeing is too elusive, too woo, woo to really attain. People who express feeling good no matter what must be Pollyannas, out of touch with reality, and/or masking a toxic lifestyle. 

As Black and Brown woman you through the various filters of race, ethnicity, gender, class, and culture. Navigating these the various filters with how you've been taught to feel and not feel, are often a source of unhappiness, stress, anger, anxiety, depression. Combined with the faulty and limiting beliefs about entrepreneurship leads you to, unintentionally, cast aside your wellbeing aside in order to achieve specific goals and outcome

What if you...

Made your wellbeing the foundation for building, growing, and sustaining your business?

Wellbeing is about how good you feel about yourself and your life. When you prioritize feeling good, not basing it on achieving goal(s), outcome(s), or other's opinions, it makes it easier to handle the opportunities, challenges and adversities that you're experiencing.

When you choose to unapologetically prioritize your wellbeing, it allows you to focus on what truly matters to you. So you get to succeed without sacrificing your joy, happiness, pleasure and health, no matter what stage of entrepreneurship you're in.

You are worthing of feeling good...

And enjoying your entrepreneurship journey.

The best part is...

This can be done from inspiration and with intention.

Because this is your natural state of being. I am here to support and guide you by helping you shift working from sacrifice and struggle to working from enjoyment and ease, through strategic planning, coaching, and training.

Here's the ways we work together.

Care & Clarity

Strategic guidance to help you prioritize and optimize your wellbeing at any stage of your entrepreneurship journey.

Care & Cultivate

Coaching to support and guide you shifting and improving feeling good no matter what. So you get to succeed without sacrificing and struggling.

Care & Learn

Training to equip you to learn and refine your wellbeing skills and succeed in your entrepreneurial ventures.

What Client's Are Saying...

“Working with Gigi I learned a new way to center myself and ​ set several personal and professional goals!” 

Tracy S.

"I started first working with Gigi in fall of 2018. She was very patient, generous of her time, and gave good advice with me. I now have a job! A full-time job with benefits as a contractor to an organization that I am proud to be associated with. One would do well to follow her advice and suggestions." 

Lynn  A. 

"Please KNOW how much you have helped and are helping…how you touch someone’s life by a word, a moment, an action, a prayer…can be life-changing to that person. You may not even know the impact you had…but even a kind word, gesture, acknowledgment of someone can bring them out of their fog, even for a moment long enough to see that there is sunshine and clarity, so don’t give up. "  

Barbara O.

"Gigi was instrumental in helping me to stay aware of my power and influence. The exercises helped me to focus and plan for greater success in the future."   

Shanti B.

Start feeling good now. Not when you believe you'll achieve your goals.
Learn how to Choose From Feeling Good.