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Hi There!  Looking to build, grow, and sustain a business that you love without losing your sanity? Then, you're in the right place.

More and more Black & Brown Women are starting businesses, thinking about starting business as a second act, or have been business owners for a while.

Entrepreneurship offers us an opportunity to express your passions and use your gifts to work meaningful, successful, and fulfilling ways. Yet there are unique obstacles that you have to work through to close this gap that can keep you from experiencing this.

How you handle emotions and feelings are foundational to closing this gap:

It impacts her perceptions of her worth and her value.

It impacts her mental health and wellbeing.

It impacts the beliefs that she has about herself and entrepreneurship.

It impacts how she prioritizes her time, energy, and talents.

It impacts the strategies that she adopts and implements to build, grow, and sustain her business.

It impacts how she cultivates her skills in getting clients and generating revenue.

It impacts how she handles setbacks, failures and trauma.

It impacts your relationships and partnerships.  

It impacts you getting the help and support you need and deserve!!! Often, we don’t give as much love and attention to this aspect of building, growing, and sustaining a life and business that we love (I am speaking to myself and you), as we do to developing our business skills (i.e. marketing, sales, and finances).

Until something happens…  like:

Burning out.

Experiencing higher rates of anxiety.

Doubling the likelihood  of experiencing depression.

Triggering an undiagnosed or prior mental health challenges.

Failure, rejection, and setbacks that can turn into trauma.

Unnecessary financial stress and strain.

Leading you to doubt yourself, feel shame and/or embarrassment, and loneliness. Making it easier to contemplate giving up on your dreams and harder to reach out and get help, support, and guidance. 

It does not have to be that way for you. Because you do everything that you do because of how you feel, how you don’t want to feel and how you desire to feel. When you are proactive and strategic with your emotional health and well being. It allows you to: 

Explore what you truly want. Most of us were raised with the expectation that we choose a career that allows us to make a “good living” and to stay with that career until “retirement.” Because you evolve and change, entrepreneurship is a great opportunity to uncover new interests and/or reawaken dormant ones that were put on the back burner in favor of another profession.  

Give yourself permission to go for more.​ Ambition and desire are emotions and feelings that women, especially Black & Brown Women, have been taught to fear, courtesy of the negative connotations historically associated with ambitious women. Here is a chance to really embrace being ambitious and having high desires. 

Letting go of meeting others’ expectations and judgments that don’t serve you. The biggest source of the pressures, the stresses, and the burnout that you experience comes from trying to be “strong” in meeting others’ expectations. This is a chance to use your strength in a happy, healthy, growth oriented way. 

All of this will feel challenging, unsettling, and exciting.​ That's because being able to compassionately and courageously name and navigate your feelings and express your emotions in healthy ways. Allowing you to create and sustain a life and business that you truly love, with somebody who has the competence and confidence to help you shift how you navigate the ups, downs, twists, and turns of being an entrepreneur.   


Here's How We Can Work Together 

Care & Clarity Consultation 


Gigi helps you to identify and get the right type of help to stay sane while creating a life and business you love.

Feel 2 Flourish


Gigi helps you to shift and sustain how you navigate the emotional ups, downs, twists, and turns of being a business owner with more ease.

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Gigi inspires, educates, and invites you to  creatively use your felt sense to lead better, live better, and work better.

What Client's Are Saying

“Working with Gigi I learned a new way to center myself and ​ set several personal and professional goals!” 

Tracy S.

"I started first working with Gigi in fall of 2018. She was very patient, generous of her time, and gave good advice with me. I now have a job! A full-time job with benefits as a contractor to an organization that I am proud to be associated with. One would do well to follow her advice and suggestions." 

Lynn  A. 

"Please KNOW how much you have helped and are helping…how you touch someone’s life by a word, a moment, an action, a prayer…can be life-changing to that person. You may not even know the impact you had…but even a kind word, gesture, acknowledgment of someone can bring them out of their fog, even for a moment long enough to see that there is sunshine and clarity, so don’t give up. "  

Barbara O.

"Gigi was instrumental in helping me to stay aware of my power and influence. The exercises helped me to focus and plan for greater success in the future."   

Shanti B.

Grab My How To Turn These 5 Entrepreneurial Emotional Challenges Into Opportunities To Thrive  guide.