Ready to stop self sacrificing and suffering and be on your entrepreneurial journey with ease and enjoyment?

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of our economy and it offers a great way to use your passions and gifts in ways that nourishes you and allows you to live your wildest dreams and deepest desires.

It is first and foremost about your wellbeing. After all, that's what truly led you to take this journey.

It's no secret that you have and will encounter challenges and adversities along with the opportunities. Especially as a Black & Brown woman because you're bravely stepping into spaces where you don't see YOU and/or YOU don't feel safe enough to be and share how YOU'RE really feeling, YOU don't feel truly supported in pursuing your dreams.    

Worse you've been led to feel and believe that you have to sacrifice and suffer to succeed.

•Sacrifice your joy, happiness, and pleasure.

•Sacrifice your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health, and relationships.

•Sacrifice making choices that's right for you because you've learned to put others'
needs, wants, and desires above your own.

•Suffer the unnecessary stress, struggle, and strain that you're experiencing in building, growing, sustaining your business or making pivots.

•Suffer by suppressing, blocking, bypassing and intellectualizing what you're feeling.

•Suffering by feeling alone, isolated, and/or that something is wrong with you because you're experiencing various challenges and adversities.  

Yet you're trying your best to manage your feelings and others as you handle your various responsibilities in your role as a Founder and/or CEO, to make sure that your business is running as smoothly as possible.

Compromising your already compromised wellbeing by staying on a vicious emotional rollercoaster ride.  

Take a moment feel what it's like when you feel satisfied as you're building, growing, and sustaining your business.

•You know that it's okay to feel anxiety, fear, depression, guilt, etc. because it's guiding and supporting you, not stopping you.

•You know that you'll be fine regardless of how things work out with your idea, service or product.

•You fully and unapologetically own the space(s) that you're working in solving problems and improving the quality of life.

•You're focused on what matters most to you, not what others are saying or doing.

•You get caring and compassionate support to work on your money, marketing, sales, or whatever you need to help you thrive and succeed in your business instead of hiding or pretending everything is okay.

• You  experience the curveballs, setbacks, failures, and breakdowns and burnouts are opportunities for you to rejuvenate, reset, learn and grow.

Now you're generating the emotions, feelings, moods, and thoughts that you want to experience, not just responding or reacting to the situations, circumstances, or events. So you can close the gap from where you are to where you want to be in your business.

This is done from feeling satisfaction, joy, and inspiration in building, growing, and sustaining your business. It is rooted in prioritizing your wellbeing. This is how you feel about you, your life, and your business.

If you're ready to learn how to do this, then read about Care & Cultivate below.

Care & Cultivate

What is it?

Coaching to support and guide you, shifting and improving your ability to feel good, no matter what, and effectively handle the highs, lows, twists, and turns you're experiencing. So you move from sacrificing and suffering to enjoyment and ease in succeeding in your business ventures. 

What this is best for?

Cultivating and expanding your resilience so you get to positively reframe curveballs, setbacks, challenges, failures, and breakdowns into learning and growth opportunities.

Eliminating the role strain and exhaustion that you're feeling from wearing the multiple hats of Founder, CEO, Decision-Maker, Workforce, etc.

You're struggling with the uncertainty that comes with the journey, and you want to do away with the unnecessary stress, anxiety, and fear it's causing you.

You want to uncover and explore how your unused gifts can best support you in prioritizing and optimizing your wellbeing, so you get to succeed in your entrepreneurial ventures.

You want to get good at using emotions and feelings to get from where you are to where you desire to be in your business or pivot into something else, no matter what stage you're at.

You want to learn how to partner and collaborate so you don't feel so alone and isolated, and you don't have to go it alone.

You want caring, challenging and compassionate support and accountability as you're working through what you're feeling.

What's in it for you?

Strengthen your self-compassion allowing you to truly handle the opportunities, challenges, and adversities you're experiencing without beating yourself up.

Focus on what matters most to you, allowing you to embrace the uncertainty and eliminate the unnecessary stress, anxiety, and fear you're feeling.

Fully embrace being an entrepreneur and confidently step into the spaces that you desire to make an impact in, and learn the knowledge and skills that best support you in succeeding.

Handle a range and degree of emotions and feelings (i.e. anxiety, fear, guilt, joy, excitement, self-doubt, anger) and work through any emotional blocks that you're experiencing with clarity, confidence, and ease.

Establish and hold your boundaries in your business and personal life to mitigate the burnout, unhappiness, or the different directions you're feeling pulled in, and achieve your dreams.

Easily identify and tap into your used and unused gifts that you can leverage to support you.

Be supported and guided by an expert in the emotional aspects of entrepreneurship and be able to identify, connect with the right people and the right opportunities to best support you.   

Now take a deep breath and notice how it felt to read that. Now ask yourself how entrepreneurship journey feels now as you're experiencing one or all of these benefits? 

What is the format?

Three months of one-to-one interactive coaching, with the option for continued support and guidance in:

Shifting and improving your ability to fully feel a spectrum of feelings, without  suppressing the opportunities or shutting down in the face of challenges, and adversities that you're experiencing on your entrepreneurial journey.

Getting good at feeling good, no matter what's going on using a simple, flexible, framework that easily integrates with the practices, tools, and techniques that you've acquired.

Create an inspired action path that effectively supports you in utilizing the right people and resources to prioritize and optimize your wellbeing as you're navigating your entrepreneurship journey.   

Compassionate accountability as you're moving from where you are to where you desire to be in your business.

How can you take advantage of this?

Schedule your complimentary 20 minute  Care to Chat Call. This is a chance for us to get to know each and for you to get your questions answered. Click on the button below to schedule a time.