Ready to learn how to be at ease with your feelings as you're making your career change?

Now more than ever you have the opportunities to do what truly makes your heart sing. Having careers that once seemed impossible or having your own business.

You’ll feel various things as you’re changing: ​

Confused because you don’t know what you want.

Questioning if you’re enough… Fear failing, being, rejected, or succeeding in making your dreams and desires come true. ​

Anger over why things aren't working out as you envisioned.

Overwhelm because you’ve got a lot things on your plate and you’re feeling pressured to do it all.

Anxious because you’re having to make choices and take actions with a high degree of uncertainty.  

This leads to more feeling discontent and being stuck in making your desired career change because you’re not sure what to really do with what you’re feeling.

When you’re not sure what to do with your feelings, the tendency is to lean heavily on our rational selves. This involves working mainly with our thinking self. While thinking has its advantages, it can only take you so far. We’re often taught to “mange” (i.e. fake, fight, force down) our feelings, which along with the other demands of modern working have left us disconnected from our emotional self.

​​Did you know that you can make your career change (or any change) that you’re going through with more ease by using your feelings?  

Giving you the focus, freedom and flexibility to: ​

Have the clarity that you are seeking one step at a time.

Be okay with not knowing how things will turn out and not letting it stop you from doing what you truly love.

Process what you're feeling in healthy ways without being too scared, too stressed, and too shutdown to navigate through the ups and downs. 

Boosting your ability to:

Tap into what truly excites you so that it’s easier to stay inspired and motivated. ​​

Genuinely connect with the right people to support you and attract the right opportunities for you.

Be able to seamlessly use this in all areas of your life and thrive!!! 

Work With What You Feel™

It is a self study course that helps you to manage what you’re feeling as you’re making your desired career changes. Keeping you off of the emotional roller coaster. Keeping you focused, flexible, and forward moving towards accomplishing your goals. Here’s what the course covers:

Module 1: Get In Touch With Your Needs
We’ll begin by identifying where you are emotionally and what you really need to deal with what you’re feeling about work right now. So that you can open up and explore different possibilities for making your desired changes.  

Module 2: To E.R.R. is Human
We will look at how the E.R.R. technique can help you identify, experience, and process what you’re feeling, so that you can use your emotions to your advantage in these uncertain times. 

Module 3: Attract What Your Heart Truly Desires
It’s natural to think that opportunities are scarce and/or non-existent. And feel scared, anxious and unsure of what you can do in the midst of a crisis. Here will look at how tapping into feelings of love can help you attract the right opportunities for you, facilitating the career shift that you truly desire. 

Module 4: Your Money, Your Feelings
Let’s face it. No discussion of what you’re feeling in this challenging, unprecedented time is complete without exploring the impact that money has on you and your ability to make the changes that you desire. In this module we will cover what you can do when money has you feeling fearful, anxious, and stuck, so that you can work through it and get on with the changes that you’re looking to make.  

Here’s what you’ll get:

Anytime access to online modules designed to help identify and work through feelings that you’re experiencing. ​​

Accompanying workbooks with exercise to help you process your feelings and capture your key learning ah-ha’s.   

Access to a live a live, monthly, Q&A to answer your questions and take your comments.

Here's what some had to say about the course.

 GREAT Session Gigi! I really enjoyed the session and look forward to the next one. Thank you so much for your insight."

Recarda G. 

Congratulations on the excellent work your are doing. I plan on reading the information and will try to join next week.

Stephanie B.

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Got questions?

Here's some F.A.Q's 

How long are the course materials available for us to access?
There’s no time limit on how long you can access the course materials. If there’s any changes to this you’ll be notified.

Can anybody join the live Q&A call?
No. Only participants enrolled in the course  can participate. 

Is the course just for women?
While it was created to help women. This course is open to anybody who wants learn how to best use their feelings instead of letting their feelings use them. 

Meet Your Instructor

Gigi Burke, PhD is a Heartset Coach, Career Coach, and Speaker who has over two decades of working with people from all walks of life helping people uncover their true heart's desires and using it to do what lights them up over, and over, and over again.

If you have any additional questions, please send an email to [email protected].