Are you a Black and Brown women, new or seasoned business owner struggling with the emotional ups and downs of being on this journey?

Being on this journey, you will feel every type of emotion, at some point, and in some form or fashion. 

There are times when you’ll feel great about this journey that you’re on. There are times when you won’t feel so great about this journey that you’re on. There are times when you feel like you’ve taken two steps forward in achieving your dreams and desires. There are times when you feel like you’ve taken five steps back. Then there are those twists and curveballs that can have you feeling all over the place.

Does any of this feel familiar:

Not where you believe you should be in your business?

Exhausted trying different things and still not getting your desired results?

Feel pressure to succeed and be an example for others?

Feel judged because of the setbacks, failures, and rejections you’ve experienced?

You’re successful in your business but it doesn’t feel meaningful or fulfilling?

You feel guilty because you’ve succeeded beyond what family and friends have?

You feel trapped because you want to try something new, but you don’t want to ruin what you worked so hard to build?

No matter where you are in your journey, it’s normal to feel each of these things. It’s not normal when these feelings keep you stuck in a vicious cycle of self-doubt, stress, shame, loneliness, and isolation.  Making it harder to close the gap between the opportunities that being an incredible entrepreneur presents and unique obstacles you have to overcome, as a Black and Brown woman, to succeed and self-actualize without sacrificing your sanity.   

Ready to get all up in your feelings in a healthy, growth-oriented way to change this? 


Feel 2 Flourish

3 months of private coaching to help you irreversibly shift how you engage with emotions and feelings. So that you have the clarity, competence, and confidence to handle ups, downs, twists, and turns of being an entrepreneur with more ease. Create and sustain a life and business that you truly love with your sanity intact.  

So that you can:

Be, learn, and do from a space of enough so you make empowered choices and take inspired action.

Nourish, receive, and replenish without feeling guilty or anxious.

Embrace your passions and use your gifts to work in your zone of greatness.

Unapologetically identify your needs and wants. Ask for help and support in ways that inspire others to help you.

Be brilliant and imperfectly visible so you build genuine connections with others.

Presence yourself without proving yourself, so you can hold your own in adversity and in assisting others.  

Now take a deep breath and notice how you feel as you read that. Ask what are these things worth to me? How would my business and life be different or better if I experience one or all of these benefits?  

Like how you're feeling?


This is for you if you're...

Ready to discover how to truly be with the difficult emotions and generate positive ones, no matter what is happening.

Ready to go beyond typical emotional intelligence coaching to make your desired transformation in your business and life.

Invest even if you’ve made past investments that didn't give your desired or expected results.

You desire a compassionate helping hand from someone with the expertise to support you, and who’s not afraid to challenge you to learn and transform.  

This isn't for you if you...

Believe that working on emotions and feelings is a waste of time. 

You feel that you can master this by reading self help books and/or watching YouTube.

Looking for a quick fix solution.

You need the harsh, heavy handed approach to learning and transforming. I am not a sadist or dominatrix.  


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